Brian's Farewell Party at Taipei, Sep. 26th, 2008

A farewell party has been held in the night of Sep. 26th, 2008 for celebrating Brian's retirement, this is conducted by the lagecy StorageTek Taiwan team, the first of series farewell parties within Greater China. (It sounds like kick-off meeting?)

Almost of the legacy StorageTek Taiwan team members have joined this party for sending our best wishes to Brian, a special gift, a motor yacht with remote control (since we can not offer a real yacht) has been presented to Brian, we hope he will enjoy his retired life!

What a wonderful night! Long live of our friendship and memories!

I'm sorry due to my fault did not set the camera in a appropriate mode, it was not easy to get a correct picture scope in that dark restaurant. Photos posted here have been a little adjusted to make them looks have good architecture, all original photos have been uploaded to Rapidshare at, you may download them as you need.

Brian tried to carry the heavy gift on his shoulder, if fact, it was not so heavy!
Brian and Alex; There is a logo "STK TWN" on top of the yacht.

Brian and Jason, our newer SE.

Two "B"s, Benz and BMW. Oh no, Brian and Brian, our service manager.

Brian and Michael Chu, StorageTek sales.

Brian and Denny, the first "Sun StorageTek" SE.

Brian and me! A little lost focus.

Brian and Richard, StorageTek sales.

Brian and Jacky, I'm not sure he is StorageTek or Sun StorageTek sales?

Brian with Alex, and beer!

I present a glass artifact to Brian, a goat.

Brian and Michael Chang, new Sun StorageTek CM.

Lik-Sang's kiss.

Lik-Sang, Jacky and Brian.

All together, I know there were someone outside of the picture, sorry la...